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Trading Psychology: 5 Ways To Leverage The Psychology of Trading For further Profit ‘5 Easy Trading Psychology Ways to Overcome Your #1 Profit Killer’

Hi, I’m Les Meehan Internationally known trading psychology expert and author plus this video tutorial, you’re planning to discover 5 powerful daily ways of prepare yourself to overcome trading anxiety and stress, your #1 Profit Killer, to help you start every new trading session along with your trading psychology tuned-up for trading profit success.

Listed below are my top 5 approaches for preparing your mind for calmer plus much more confident trading:

1. Be clear about what is causing your stress and trading anxiety. Your imagination often exaggerates what you perceive as threatening and also this increases your stress and trading anxiety, so take a step back and get a sensible view of what is really causing your negative emotional reactions.

2. Identify where your trading anxiety comes from. Irrational trading anxiety is mostly formed as a result of past experiences as an example previous trading losses, so think about exactly where your stress and trading anxiety originates in order to determine if nevertheless has relevance within your trading or whether it's an emotional hangover that is no longer required.

3. Have a ‘big picture’ perspective of the real consequences of losing (not the imagined ones). Again, your imagination can run wild creating in your mind totally unrealistic ‘what if’ consequences of going for a trading loss that are more fantasy than likely. Really challenge this ‘what if’ negative consequences thinking and ground yourself only in what can really happen.

4. Know about the first physiological warning signs of your stress and trading anxiety. Stress and trading anxiety are emotions with physical symptoms and so you feel them inside you in some way or another. These physical symptoms may very definite starting sensation and you'll become aware of that initial sensation when you are mindful of your body’s reaction while you sense you are entering a scenario you know causes you stress and trading anxiety. When you have identified this starting sensation you may invariably take action to eliminate it before it will take control of your trading mind.

5. Use powerful deep-mind strategies to remove the negative emotions. I don’t have time here to teach everyone I know about the deep-mind techniques for eliminating unhelpful emotions but to get started let me share one powerful technique along with you. As discussed earlier, nervousness is increased due to what you think about so a fairly easy way to stop that is to break your anxiety thinking pattern by employing past evidence that what you will be imagining simply isn’t true. In order to do this, when you find yourself thinking about future losses, make a conscious effort instead to recall in your mind the times when what happened next wasn’t as bad as you had imagined.

While you apply each of these strategies every day, you are preparing some effort into view any subsequent trading losses in a more logical rather than emotional way, so you can then make profit enhancing decisions as an alternative to ‘Profit Killer’ anxiety based loss aversion decisions.

Make these strategies a habit by repeating them regularly so you can make all of your trading as anxiety free as you can and so avoid any future emotional revenge trading.

So, do you wish to trade with more trading confidence and much less stress and trading anxiety in order to achieve bigger profits?

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